When Art first gave me a copy of PMFS I knew that I was holding something very special. All of Arts releases have been golden and this is no different, in fact he has saved the very best for this book! 
Neal Scryer 

Art is a provocator. His Mentalism is clever and practical, and his Elemental Manipulation is a pure miracle. Get this book and expand your options 
Pablo Amira

I have already put myself down for a copy when it is released!
 I would love to write a foreword for your book! It`s outstanding! 
 Dale H Hildebrandt

 I had a pleasure to have a review copy of this book, and I can tell you that is something really special. Well done my friend!
Luca Volpe 

This is a 200+ page physical book with 15 effects from my working repertoire. Some are close up, some are more stage designed and some are outdoor effects that require a lot of theatrics and acting ability to pull off!   

Here is a run down of the effects involved:  

  The Tides Of Time - Take your spectators on a journey through time in a way never thouht possible before!   

The Moonlight Shadow - Cause the moon to change shape & colour! 

  My Precious - A pendulum effect using the One Ring   

Mother Shipton’s Prophecies - Finally an Add A No effect that makes sense!   The Ripper - Jack had a favourite victim, can your spectator divine the correct one?  

 Here Be Dragons - Dragons, blood, mystery - what more could you want? 

  G-Wave - A gimickless version of a classic effect  

 My First Date - Drag stars across the sky!  

 The Buckinghamshire Triangle - Take your spectators through a warp in reality   Sho-Bam-Ro - My fishing deck & TOD presentation   

Lie To Me - A 100% "Which Hand" routine  

 The Wizard Returns - My impormptu drawng duplication. No Peek & No gimmicks!  

 The Memory Of Trees - Kioku on steroids!!!  

 5u1n6u3d - My "Go To" effect when demonstrating subliminal messages or the power of influence   

In League With The Devil - Proof that you are really in league with the devil!

• • •